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Stringed  INSTRUMENT LISTINGS at Rabbit Hill Music

EPIPHONE ELECTRIC GUITAR, 1998, Ser. I8010061, SG style, black body and neck, rosewood fretboard, 22 fret, dual humbuckers, hardshell case, $ 425.00. Posted 12-14-2002

WASHBURN BANJO, 5 String, Model no. B-9, Near mint condition,hardshell case, $495.00, Posted 12-14-2002.

EPIPHONE EPI ACOUSTIC GUITAR, 1998 Model ED-100, Ser. 9508154838, Made in Indonesia, Mahaghony back and sides, $ 235.00. Posted 12-14-2002 SOLD!

CORTEZ ELECTRIC GUITAR, pre-1988, post-1969, tobacco sunburst, maple neck and fretboard, stratocaster style, white pickguard, made in Japan, with chipboard case, $145.00. Posted on 12-7-2002.

B.C. RICH WARLOCK BASS, Platinum Series, ser. # 0002060745, transparent two-toned blue, 4-string bass, $ 395.00. Posted 12-7-2002. SOLD!

B.C. RICH BASS, NJ Series, ser. # B5855, 4 string, white lightning bolt body, rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets, one volume and one tone, black tuners, $300.00. Posted on 12-7-2002.

OVATION CELEBRITY DELUXE ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC GUITAR, model # CS257, ruby burst, OP-24 plus electronics, gold tuners, made in Korea, ser. # 8047576, with gigbag $629.00. Posted on 12-7-2002.

OVATION BALLADER ACOUSTIC GUITAR, 1967 ser. # 733. Very Rare, b¸¸Fair condtion but origInal and original case. $ 900.00. Posted 12-2-2002

TELECASTER SQUIRE ELECTRIC GUITAR, 1989, made in Korea, cream color, ser. # E909917, $ 450.00 Posted 12-2-2002

GRETSCH CLIPPER HOLLOWBODY ELECTRIC GUITAR, 1959 ser. # 33834, model # 6186, single pickup, hollowbody, all original with hang tags, original case. Tobacco sunburst. $1150.00. Posted 12-2-2002

FENDER STRATOCASTER ELECTIC GUITAR, 1994, dark blue, American made, ser. # E940587.
$ 850.00. Posted 12-2-2002

TAKAMINE ACOUSTIC GUITAR, Pre-1994, model # G-334, ser. # 0820040, spruce top, rosewood back and sides, abalone inlay, gold tuners, $395.00 with case. Posted 12-2-2002

1995 FENDER JAZZ BASS, made in Mexico, ser. # MN51313933, black with white pickguard, rosewood fingerboard, $369.00. Posted 9-2-2002.

MARTIN MANDOLIN, Bowl back. $ 1650.00 Posted 12-2-2002

1930s STELLA GUITAR/DOBRO, model # 131, single pick-up, volume control, black with white pickguard, F-holes, all original, patent pending metal tuners, open gear, 3 on each side. Very rare piece. $ 550.00. Posted 7-7-02.

DIXIE BANJO-UKE, all chrome neck and body, tail piece, original hyde head. $ 195.00. Posted on 6-30-2002.

ALVAREZ YAIRI ACOUSTIC, model # DY77,ser. # 10236, made in Japan by Kazuo Yairi, solid spruce top, herring bone binding, rosewood back and sides, mohogany neck, gold Grover tuners, $450.00. Posted on 6-23-2002.

EPIPHONE AMPLIFIER, 1962, all tube, recently over-hauled. $750.00. Posted 6-19-02.

EPIPHONE ELECTRIC, Later 1970's, SG style, two humbuckers, two volume and two tones, ser. # 1009158, made in Japan, transparent red, mother of pearl fretmarker inlay, black pickguard, bolt-on maple neck with white binding, 21 frets. $350.00. Posted 5-23-02.

D'AGOSTINO BASS, Post 1982, 4-string, made in Japan, Schaller tuners, 4 on same side, ser. # 8906883, bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fretboard, 20 frets, two-toned brown burst to black, two pick-ups, no controls, black pickguard. $145.00. Posted on 5-15-2002.

EGMOND BASS, Pre-1972 post- 1960, ser. # 78380069, made in Holland, two pick-ups, volume, bass, and tone control, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets, bolt-on neck, hard red fabric covered body with black oyster pearl pickguard. $ 295.00. Posted on 4-12-2002.

STELLA MANDOLIN, 1920's, bowlback, 15 ribs. $250.00. Posted on 3-29-2002.

GIBSON MELODY MAKER, 1965, double cutaway mahogany body, black pickguard with model name stamp,mahogany neck, 22 fret rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlay, wrapover stop tailpiece, 3 per side tuners with plastic buttons,nickel hardware, covered single coil pickup, volume/tone control, and cherry finish. Includes original case with Gibson label on case pocket. All in VG CONDITION. Serial #262987 $795.00 SOLD 8/2001

FENDER SQUIER STRATOCASTER, 1999 Affinity series, 22 fret rosewood fingerboard with white dot inlay, tremolo, chrome hardware, white pickguard, 3 single coil pickups, volume/2 tone controls,5-way selector, white and includes soft case. Made in China Serial # CD99032653.

FENDER SQUIER II STRATOCATER, 1979, 22 fret maple fingerboard with black dot inlays, tremlo, chrome harware, white pickguard, 3 single coil pickups, volume/2 tone controls, 5-way selector. Made in Korea Serial #S987423 $379.00

HOHNER ROCKWOOD, Early 1980's LX250 (Les Paul copy) Brown woodgrain finish with ivory pickguard, binding and 2 humbucker pickups. 22 frets with a rosewood fretboard and large mother of pearl inlays. Chrome hardwear. $329.00 SOLD

HARMONY ELECTRIC, Later 1970's, H-90 (Les Paul copy) Red sunburst. Black pickguard & knobs, ivory binding, chrome hardwear. Rosewood fretboard with 22 frets & large mother of pearl inlays. 2 humbucker style pickups. $189.00 SOLD

J.B. PLAYER ELECTIC, Early 1990's,Telecaster (copy) Black with ivory binding & black hardwear. 22 fret rosewood fretboard with dot inlays. Locking nut with tunable bridge. 2 humbucker pickups. $295.00 SOLD

DORALDO 12 STRING ACOUSTIC, 1971, by GRETSCH, Small body with natural finish spruce top & mahogany sides. Dot inlays on a rosewood fretboard. Trapeze tail piece Made in Japan ser#5992 $299.00 SOLD

ABILENE 12 STRING ACOUSTIC, 2001, Model #AW-15-12. Satin finish light wood on top with dark sides & back. Dot inlays on rosewood fretboard. Chrome hardwear & black pickguard $249.00 SOLD

EPIPHONE ACOUSTIC, 1999 with solid spruce top. Dot inlays on rosewood fretboard with chrome hardwear. Model PR200NA, Made in Japan ser#N99020497 $329.00 SOLD 8/2001

ABILENE ACOUSTIC, 2000, Model #AW-05. Satin finish light wood on top with dark sides & back. Dot inlays on rosewood fretboard. Chrome hardwear & black pickguard. $160.00 SOLD

DANELECTRO ELECTRIC, Mid 1990's, DC-3 Tourquise sparkle finish trimmed in white. 3 lipstck pickups, 1 volume, 1 multi-set tone selector & one 2 way selector toggle switch. Dot inlays on a rosewood fretboard with 21 frets. Ser#0104094019 $350.00

DANELECTRO ELECTRIC, 1990'S, 59-DC Red wine color trimmed in off-white. 2 lipstick pickups, 1 tone, 1 volume & one 2 way toggle. Dot inlays on a 21 fret rosewood fretboard. $300.00 SOLD

DeARMOND ELECTRIC, 1990'S, M-55 Cherry finish single cutaway. Single pickup with chrome hardwear. 1 tone & 1 volume switch each. Dot inlays on a roewood fretboard with 21 frets. $349.00 SOLD

DeARMOND ELECTRIC, 1990'S, M-55 Same as above but in a cream color. $349.00 SOLD

CORT ELECTRIC, 1990'S, Neck-thru-body design (custom). Swamp ash natural finish with chrome hardware. 2 split-coil pickups each with a micro-switch. 1 volume & 2 tone controls. Tripple dot inlays on a 21 fret rosewood fretboard. $375.00 SOLD 8/2001

GIBSON ACOUSTIC, 1945-1948, LR-2, Flattop, Gibson banner logo, spruce top, mahaghony back and sides, x bracing, matt natural wood refinish, new tuners and bridge, tuned to Drop D. $550.00 SOLD 2/2001

GIBSON BASS, 1970 Model EB-0, burgundy color, 21 frets, single pick up. with chipboard case. $850.00 SOLD

FENDER SQUIRE BASS, pearl, with case $400.00 SOLD!

BENTLEY BASS, 5 string, blue, $300.00 . SOLD

ROGUE BASS, 5 strng bass, Grey in color. $ 300.00 SOLD!



SANTA ROSA ACOUSTIC, NEW, 1/2 size acoustic. $59.00 5 in stock.

SANTA ROSA ACOUSTIC, 3/4 size . NEW $79.00. 5 in stock

GIBSON ELECTRIC SG, 1998, Tommy Hillfiger Promotion guitar.Limited Edition. $600.00. no case SOLD!

GIBSON ELECTRIC, 1979, " The Paul Standard" Walnut body/neck, 22 fret ebony fingerboard with pearl dot inlay, tuneomatic stop tail piece, chrome hardware, natural finish, 2 exposed humbuckers, 3 position switch, with case, Mfd. 1978 to 1982. ser#72479500 SOLD!

ESP ELECTRIC, 1990, Mirage Deluxe
Thru the body maple neck, 24 fret ebony, locking tremelo, 2 single coil, 1 humbucker, bubblegum pink. Ser#913607 SOLD!

GRETSCH HOLLOWBODY ACOUSTIC, 1935 F-hole Hollowbody $550.00 SOLD

JACKSON ELECTRIC, 1995, Professional Flying, Black with case SOLD!

Slammer Chaparral series, vintage sunburst ser#5106085 $ 400.00 SOLD!

with original wooden guitar contour shape case. $600.00 SOLD 3/2001


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1994 Fender Stratocaster USA made.
1994 Fender Stratocaster USA made.
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1994 Fender Stratocaster USA made.

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